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Judy Schmidt - Principal of Bluewheat Inc. and Executive Coach

I believe that every human being wants to create a compelling future and make a significant contribution.

Judy is the Principal of Bluewheat Inc, an Executive + Leadership Coaching company.  She is also a certified coach who excels at helping you become a strategic and inspiring contributor within your organization and in all of life. Building strong leadership behaviours  and helping you gain clarity on the impact you want to have, is what Judy is known for.

She is a master at re-framing and helping you find a new perspective and new ways of thinking that will bring about sustainable change. She is strategic yet inspired; challenging yet supportive; focused yet flexible.

 Judy is certified with the International Coaches Federation and the Coaches Training Institute, both of which are world industry leaders. Her commitment to the coaching process and the skills she brings to it, will move you towards motivated and courageous action and compelling results. It is the kind of coaching that holds her clients to their vision and their goals and calls them to a bigger game.

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