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You are Smart + Courageous

MOST OF MY CLIENTS START OUT WITH..... A STRONG DESIRE FOR CHANGE. They come to me stressed with the pressures of work, overwhelmed by indecision, frustrated with a lack of progress, bored with the status quo, and fired up with the belief that there is more within their reach. I love this phase.

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The Pleasure of Making Mistakes

I want you to know how normal and how important it is to make mistakes. There is no such thing as a life without mistakes, and if you value growth and accomplishments or achievements of any kind, you must get friendly with them. Your perspective about what to do with mistakes matters.

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When the Going Gets Tough

The tough get going. In other words, when the situation becomes difficult, the people who are strong, become fully engaged. That being said, I'm all for a good dose of complaining and blaming and whining. It's a temporary feel good. Quite temporary, but feels good none the less, and when you're through with that strategy, you can move on to a strategy that gets you closer to what you've been aiming for. Key words....what you're aiming for. What are you aiming for? If you knew for sure that you'd be able to get through this rough patch, what do you want to have on the other side?

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Strength Rises

It has been 10 days since Alberta's flood and I wish to extend my care and concern to each of you as you recover from the significant impact of the flood.  It is my hope and prayer that those of you greatly affected will have the real and tangible help you need to care for your family and loved ones, and the strength and resources to deal effectively with the aftermath. During the first days I witnessed incredible acts of unselfishness and was part of an outpouring of service to others that rises during life's hardest moments.  I believe that the stories we continue to hear and the experiences we are part of will inspire us to reconnect with our deepest values and the core meaning of our lives.

For those of you in positions of leadership, I encourage you to consider what you want to be known and remembered for in the months and years ahead. Remind yourself of your own core values, take time to communicate your care, reach out and build relationships and together figure out ways to solve problems the flood has caused.


We need each other in all aspects of our lives.  In our personal and work lives, strong relationships and meaningful community are important for remaining strong and resilient.  Soon enough, the demands of business and corporate life will try to overshadow the acts of giving and the priorities rediscovered during this staggering event, so hang on to the values and meaning that have come into sharp focus over the last 10 days.




Authenticity Leads to Success

Do you ever get tired of hearing and reading about what you should do or how you should be if you want to be a great leader or a successful professional? While I don't disagree with this advice,

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