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Inspire Yourself, and Those Who Work with You

If you are stuck in a rut, or need an inspirational formula for a feedback conversation, or want to up the ante on your sales and marketing strategies, watch this video by Simon Sinek.

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#1 Tip to Improve your Ability to Listen

Listening is a learned skill. Kind of like patience. It doesn't come naturally to most people. So before I give you my #1 way to improve this skill, let me suggest why it doesn't come naturally. Maybe it will give you a different perspective and just automatically change the way you listen!

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How to Do More of what you really Love Doing, and show your employees how to do the same!

I've coached many people who believe that in order to do what they really love doing, they will have to make a drastic change. Change jobs, change relationships, change locations, change something big. Not so.

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How do high performance and contentment operate together?

Being content seems like it woud be in opposition to high performance. If you are content, then what happens to your motivation to change and your drive to achieve? Being content seems to mean inactive or settling for the status quo, or not making a difference. There is a fear that if you allow your desire for contentment to take hold, then you will lose your leadership edge, your competetiveness, and ultimately that which has worked so well for you so far.

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Don't Give in so Easily

Last week I was encouraging you to give in every once in a while. This week I'm saying don't give in so easily! Before you think that I'm wishy washy and can't make up my mind, let me say this. You know which one of these you have the most difficulty with, and whichever one it is, that's the one I'm asking you to push yourself in, for the sake of your own growth and building your capacity to deal with situations that may be uncomfortable.

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