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Og Mandino

"Judy worked hard on getting me “unstuck” from a place which I had been comfortable in for many years.  For the first time in a long time, I saw my goals as achievable.  My view of myself and my life was altered after one session.  Issues that acted as barriers to my success and myths that I’d bought into were uncovered.  I couldn’t wait to do the work assigned to me and speak with Judy again so that I could make more progress.  Judy provided a safe place for me to explore my beliefs and internal inhibitors.  She has the natural ability to pull out hidden issues and barriers which prevented my forward movement and to uncover the confidence I thought I had lost.  After coaching sessions with Judy I felt freed up to passionately chase after my dreams and take the necessary steps to get there."

Coaching is forward focused and is an extremely effective tool for those willing to engage in the process.

In a report released by Right Management Consultants, it stated that “coaching delivers a Return on Investment of nearly six times the initial cost of coaching; according to a survey of 100 senior executives who participated in coaching programs....Most of the 100 executives who participated in the survey were from Fortune 1000 companies.”

Commitment, trust & respect

Coaching momentum builds over time and typically requires a commitment of 6 months.  This allows for exploration and changes in vision, values and behaviours.  The coaching conversations will build awareness of how your own behaviours and actions impact the environment in which you work, and will call you to take action and responsibility for integrating your learning into real life.  This kind of partnership requires mutual trust and respect and makes your coach selection an important one.  Hire a coach that cares about you and is someone you can trust.

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